The Adam Hull Story

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Does God put you through hard times for his Glory?

A common misconception today is "if God brings you to it He will pull you through it"
That is an untrue statement. God would never strike anyone with an illness to teach them a lesson, or bring on calamity as punishment for something they did wrong. Yes it is true hard times will come in this life. In my case trauma, but it was not from God. God was the one who pulled me through and comforted me when no one else could. He is all mighty and yes he could have stopped the tragedy, but I know now that all things happen for his Glory. In other words He allowed me to experience the pain I suffered because he knew what I would do with that pain in the future. He knew that many people would be reached and open up to his touch through my story of healing and deliverance. At that time I could not understand. I asked why me God? Why didn't you stop him? I thought it wasn't fair! Now I realize if I didn't share this story and the miraculous deliverance his Grace brought me, well...That wouldn't be fair. To him be the Glory. Do you have a Glory story? Please share.